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Do you allow .htaccess files? What directives do you allow?

Do you allow .htaccess files? What directives do you allow?


.htaccess files may be used to control access and other attributes of your website.

We have extensive support for .htaccess directives.

For more information on using .htaccess files, consult the Apache Documentation.

The mod_rewrite Directive

In order to use the mod_rewrite directive in your .htaccess file, it will most often be necessary to add a RewriteBase line to the .htaccess file. This won't always be needed, as it depends on the specific mod_rewrite line, but this will usually be the case for most commonly used mod_rewrite lines. Some content management systems may include this line as a comment with further instructions in their default .htaccess file (eg. Drupal, WordPress, etc.).

Normally this is what should be used:
RewriteBase /

If the .htaccess file is in a subdirectory (below htdocs), it should be reflected in the RewriteBase. For example:
would need:
RewriteBase /mydir