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Disaster Recovery Plan

LAMP Host's Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

LAMP Host's office is located in San Diego, California. Our primary data center is located in San Diego, in a separate location. LAMP Host maintains servers in another enterprise-class data center in Las Vegas Nevada which provides optional, geographical redundancy.

This document outlines LAMP Host's business continuity and disaster recover plan. Three areas of potential issue are addressed:

Business Continuity: Addresses server administration and client contact issues in case of the inaccessibility of LAMP Host's offices.

Data Center Security: Describes safety, security and reliability measures that are in place in our data centers.

Client Disaster Preparedness Solutions: LAMP Host offers disaster preparedness solutions to our clients.

Business Continuity

In case of office inaccessibility, LAMP Host employees are are instructed to return to their homes and check in with their team lead. LAMP Host employees are accustomed to “virtual communication” and are prepared to receive instruction by way of text messages, instant message and email. The technical staff is prepared to manage servers from their homes should the need arise.

In case of simultaneous Internet and phone outage, LAMP Host technical staff are instructed to meet at the San Diego data center which provides power and Internet redundancy.

The San Diego and Las Vegas data centers are each staffed with “remote hands;” onsite data center employees, trained and ready to manage servers if instructed.

In case of emergency, every effort will be made to keep lines of communication open with clients.

In case of server outage or other accessability issues, our procedures is to contact account's “Administrative Contact” with details and resolution status. Initial contact attempts will be made by email, then phone if necessary.

It is likely in a disaster situation that phone lines will be experiencing heavy loads and that authorities will request that phone lines be reserved for emergency use. We ask clients to use email as their first line of communication.

Although we ask clients to use email as much as is possible in a disaster situation, we will continue to manage the phone systems for clients who need to contact us via phone. LAMP Host's VOIP phone company has several network hubs across the United States. LAMP Host's primary phone system can be remotely rerouted to ring at any other land or mobile phone line.

LAMP Host employees have been provided with “In Case of Emergency” procedures, which contain confidential login and personal information. This document is for internal LAMP Host use only.

Data Center Security

LAMP Host's and LAMP Host Client servers are housed in state-of-the-art data centers, specifically built according to uniform environmental and security standards. Our client's data is housed in an environment built for security, high availability, connectivity, redundancy and resilience.

Fire Suppression: Our servers are housed in facilities with integrated smoke/heat detector systems that are equipped with pre-action, dry pipe fire suppression systems, specifically rated for telecommunication equipment/computer rooms.

Power Continuity: In the event of a brownout, blackout or over-voltage our data centers are equipped with unlimited power supply systems. These UPS systems provide battery back-up that aid in saving data by keeping computer systems running without interruption before automatically switching over to banks of diesel generators. Multiple diesel generators are on stand-by to provide uninterruptable, redundant AC and DC power solutions.

Cooling: Temperature and humidity are monitored and controlled to maintain the proper overall environment for hardware and other specialty equipment. Redundant HVAC design, backed up by a bank of generators, insures that our equipment will always stay cool.

Security: Sophisticated, closed-circuit television systems, video surveillance with long-term storage and state-of-the-art bio-metric scanners provide access security.

Building Construction: The Southern California data center's engineering, design and construction standards meet or exceed seismic requirements of local building codes. Nonstructural equipment, including cabinets and cages are securely anchored.

Network Availability: LAMP Host utilizes multiple network providers and purchases ample bandwidth to assure connectivity should provider network issues occur.

Client Disaster Preparedness Solutions

LAMP Host clients may opt to incorporate geographical redundancy and failover systems into their disaster preparedness plans.

In addition to providing data back-up and hard drive redundancy solutions within our San Diego data center, LAMP Host offers our clients the option of out-of-state Website and data synchronization. Synchronized failover systems are designed to automatically takeover and provide continuity in serving Websites and data should a disabling disaster strike California.

This document was updated on June 25, 2014